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  1. I have a Samsung Smartphone Galaxy S5 and the Evernote Widget "Show List" delivered with the application does not work. It does not synchronize with new contents automaticaly. I have to call Evernote App to get the contents. When I choose the search criterium "latest actualized" the time of the notice is changed but not the content. The sort criterium does not work in all cases. I have created today a new notice and the correct timestamp is given, but it is only on Range 8 in the list. It seems the chosen sort criterium has no influence the range.
  2. A remark: The sequence of the notices shown in the widget changes (the newly updated is the first) but the changed content is not shown in the widget (I have organized the notices so, that they are sorted by the last update time). Means: The change is recognized but the changed content is not displayed by the widget.
  3. But the app is running and on settings I have marked, that the synchronization should work all 30 minutes in background. The marker for "only WIFI" is disabled. The synchonization is done but the result is not shown in the widget. It is only updated in the widget, when I save the settings of the the widget. It is not a bug, that must be corrected immediately, but for the future. The further widget (from evernote widgets) does not show the updated content directly but when I called the single notice in the widget it is updated also in the widget. This is not the fact in the new widget.
  4. The widget shows not the last version downloaded to the phone. It shows an older one. I have changed the notebook to offline readable, but no change in the behaviour of the widget occurs. I have to press the save button in the widget settings to show the new content. In the normal list view of the evernote app, there is already the new content, but in the widget the content is still old.
  5. There is now a new version of Evernote on Android. I have updated it. The old EvernoteWidget Application is now diesabled and i use the new List Widget. When I update a notice on the PC it is synchronzed and is shown in the normal Evernote List updated. But not in the Widget. Only when I save the Widget Settings, the notice is updated. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5 with Android 5.0.
  6. Hello, I have done so and reinstalled the app. I have discovered the I have used before Widgets from the Evernote-Widget App. But it works now in both. The Synchronization works but in the widget (both Widgets: from Evernote-Widget or the new list widget) only occurs the old content of the notice. But now (and this is the old behaviour) the widget sight of the notice changes to the current content, when I click on it.
  7. Hello, I am using the new Android List Wichtet but it does not synchronize with the PC-Application. I have to laod the sorting options of the Witched new, than the changed content of a notice is displayed in the witched. Otherwise the content displayed in the widget differs from the content stored in notice. The content in the widget is older.
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