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  1. Aha! It's in your C:\Users\[userName]\AppData\Local\Evernote folder somewhere. This folder persists, even when you uninstall Evernote. This is what I did to clear my search history: 1) Sync Evernote. 2) Uninstall Evernote. 3) Move the C:\Users\[userName]\AppData\Local\Evernote folder to your Desktop. (Don't delete it until you're sure all your notes are re-synced.) 4) Reinstall Evernote. Notes, saved searches, tags, etc., will re-sync but search history will be completely clear. There's bound to be an easier way, one that doesn't involve re-syncing your entire set of notes and having
  2. Evernote urgently needs a way to clear recent search history. I see that people have been asking for this for years, and yet it's still not an option. Where is it even stored? I can't find it in any file, or in the registry. I tried uninstalling Evernote to clear it, and my recent searches came right back after I reinstalled. While trying to find out if this is currently possible, I came across one person who accidentally entered a password in his search history, and another who entered her SSN in the search box to find a PDF, where it is now stuck for anyone to find. Evernote has a seri
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