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  1. After doing some research I found out from Microsoft that unless you have extended support, life cycle for Office 2007 has already ended. Your hospital should update the system to avoid any issues since Microsoft will not provide support, update or release any security patches for Office 2007 any longer. Not only EN will not support their product for outdated software, you are running a security risk of using office 2007 suite. I am little concerned since I would think a hospital would care more about being up to date on software since they have compliance requirements they have to abide by like HIPAA. As much as I dont like how much EN ignores their customers, I would not blame this one on EN. I am using outlook 2013 so far EN clipper has been working just fine.
  2. So does the new version allow for multiple emails to be sent to EN? I downloaded an update last week and that functionality was not included. What a deal to uninstall the update and reinstall the older version!!! OneNote is looking better all the time! Unfortunately it does not allow you to send multiple emails to EN. I guess I never needed that functionality so I just tested it out and send to evernote button does get disabled when you have multiple emails selected. As far as I know, you should be able to uninstall the current version, do a good registry clean up to remove all references to EN installation and run the old EN setup file and reinstall the older version. Hope this helps.
  3. Good News, yesterday I ran the new update for EN and Outlook clipping issues seems to have fixed itself. I tried multiple times throughout the day and did not seem to have any issues. I am on Windows 8.1 Enterprise with Outlook 2013. Hope this helps.
  4. What? There is no support for paid subscription unless it is Premium or Business ? For the longest time I was second guessing myself If I should use OneNote that came with my Office 365 subscriptions and this might be my sign to jump ships. Pretty disappointing.
  5. Oh, My ! What another useless forum. No one at Evernote actually read this besides the people who complain about the issues ? @jbignert Do you have any status updates on this issue ?
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