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  1. Aloha, This is referring to the little teeny-tiny icon that appears next to the file name field when you're ready to SEND or SAVE a scanned image. It would be helpful if this icon were changed (by color preferably) so it's easier to distinguish the file type at a glance. Mahalo & Aloha!
  2. Aloha, Over the past few days, I've been using scannable A LOT. Long ago, I selected PDF as the default scan option in settings. Yesterday and today, it seems like it's automatically reverting back to AUTO. And then, as a result, it is then choosing PNG as the file format... Of course, I'm not noticing this until after I've saved the file to Google Drive and see it's PNG instead of PDF; resulting in my needing to re-do the whole thing again. I go back to settings and change it back to PDF and it sticks for a while, then it reverts to AUTO again. It seems to happen when I close the APP and start fresh with a new session (But not always.) I'm on version 2.2 - Running IOS 10.1.1 (Haven't upgraded to 10.1.2 yet) Mahalo & Aloha,
  3. Have the option to choose between JPG, PNG & PDF is desirable.
  4. I see this was posted in April of 2016 - but you can streamline your process a little bit... Scan with Scannable. (Name Document) Select SEND Select SHARE Select GOOGLE DRIVE (and navigate to your preferred Google Drive Account, Folder & Sharing Option) Select UPLOAD in the upper right corner of the window to UPLOAD your file
  5. Aloha, The inability to select the actual Google Drive folder is the secondary issue - The main issue is not being presented with an intuitive option to save to Google Drive as had been the case before (I think it used the term "Upload" - I can't recall exactly.) A user is presently only given two options: SEND or SAVE: SEND --> MAIL or SHARE SHARE --> Takes you to the Apple Default Share selection screen. SAVE --> CAMERA ROLL or EVERNOTE I have been able to use a work around: SEND -> SHARE -> Open In -> Open in Drive -> (Save to account, or switch account) -> "Add to my Drive" -> then "MOVE" the file to where I want to place it. This is five more steps than what I used to do previously. Not very elegant! Appreciate your help! Mahalo!
  6. Aloha - Thx4the reply - Mostly I'm scanning to pdf, and occasionally jpg. Rarely png.
  7. Aloha, I'm an iPhone 6 user (Still on IOS 8) - It looks like the last upgrade to the Scannable app was on 9/22/2015 to v 2.0.1 (Numerous bug fixes & improvements for iOS9) Something changed with this last Scannable update and I'm no longer able (or just can't figure out) how to move/upload a recently scanned item directly to a folder in Google Drive as I had been able to do previously. It doesn't seem to give me the same options as it had previously either. I used to be able to easily upload a file to a folder on any number of Google Drive accounts I was able to select. This happened after the file was uploaded to Evernote, then I was presented with options to share or upload elsewhere (can't recall the terms used.) Help please - I miss that!
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