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  1. Please add a code editor like this: https://www.evernote.com/l/AFBVEJ9oNqxDJIoJgzf2y9saXG-2IW8haS0
  2. Lembrando que essa é uma função apenas para contas pagas(Plus/Premium). Como pode ser visto aqui.
  3. The MD code is best in Beta 2, but developers need support for more than 1 line. The table create with MD using "[]x2" remains not working.
  4. The "Markdown" features is amazing, but isn't perfect. When I try to make a table with 1 column the evernote app don't processing the markdown([]x2). Another thing is the markdown code, the feature is some 1 line? Add more lines please, like marxico.com do.
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