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  1. In the snippet ('knipsel', in the Dutch version) mode of 'List view' (i.e. the second column in the Mac app) pictures added to Evernote notes after having updated to version 10+ are not visible. Although the option 'show images' ('afbeeldingen' in Dutch) is switched on. Images and pictures that have been added before having updated to version 10 do remain visible in the snippet list view. Enclosed is a screen shot of three notes in the list view, all of which have images added to them. The middle note has been created after having updated to version 10. Please make images in ne
  2. Seconded. In my workflow I use three different notebooks next to each other on my screen. Using a tab for each of them, I can easily copy text etc. from a note in one notebook to a note in another book. Without tabs, this is very cumbersome. The same goes for navigating from one notebook to another. Please restore the tabs, at least in the Mac version!
  3. Thanks for your reply, @stocky2605! In the list view the backspace button can be used to delete notes. (I do work on a MacBook.). But while scrolling through news letters I use the note view. In notes just a tiny delete button, for instance, in the bottom bar, would be helpful.
  4. A new Evernote would come with a handy delete-button in notes, I hoped. Many of the newsletters I subscribe to are mailed directly to Evernote. These, for instance, I would like to be able to delete easily while browsing them. (p.s. Apart from this suggestion, more important for me are the possible to work in three or four notebooks in the same screen, using tabs, and to change the create date of a note. Thanks people for putting up these wishes. I've added some 'hearts' to them.)
  5. Thanks for the update! Is it possible to post a video of how and when to apply the 'swiping left' option?
  6. The most recent version of the iOS app gives problems to locally saved notebooks. Twice so far, it happened to me that the notes (and reminders relating to them) in these notebooks get out of sync. As soon as the noted are out of order, new notes in the notebook are invisible. Attempts to sync manually produce an endless sync loop. So far, the only way out is to eliminate the app and then to download it again. Thanks in advance for looking into this!
  7. Thanks for your reply, DTLow. In the meantime, I've discovered the following method to deal with reminders in EN 8.0: 1. Go to the Note tab in the footer bar 2. Choose the notebook selector on the top of the screen 3. The second option, below 'All notes', is 'Reminders' 4. Choosing this option produces a chronological list of the reminders. So if I keep my reminders up to date, partly by pushing forward reminders for actions still to be undertaken, the reminders for today will be on the top of this list.
  8. Thanks for Evernote 8.0! It seems to work quite intuitively. Great to have to ability to find notes by combining tags and keywords. That is exactly what suits me when, in a meeting, I am in a rush to find that specific item among my 14.000+ notes. I look forward to "Reminders enhancements" in a future update. Using reminders to have the notes for todays meetings at my fingertips, I like to be able to sort reminders by date. It would be truly magnificent if today's reminders could be just on top, above reminders for days passed and coming.
  9. Hi all, Sorry for my ignorance, but I do not understand the { } function added to the note editor. Clicking it, produces a grey field with text in an old school computer font? I'm certain there must be more to it, but I cannot find it yet. Thanks in advance for clarification!
  10. A shame that the EverMail plugin is replaced by the MailButler service. Me too, I would refrain from subscription costs. Also because mail apps like Airmail offer almost all the MailButler options for fee.
  11. Kees, the plugin Evermail by Feingeist for Apple Mail saves e-mails in Evernote with the original date and time on which they were received.
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