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  1. Looks like the issue with the app starting but the window not being shown is fixed now, thanks!
  2. I would love to see the option to set the sort order on some of my notebooks to a different sort order than everything else. Not some sort of funky sort order, but some I want to have sorted by name, and the rest sorted by the default (ie: last updated or created). Reasoning for this is for two cases. 1 - I bought a book that is distributed in evernote format (http://www.businessactionplanner.com/) and now and then I'll pop in and want to read it, get frustrated because now I have to change the sort order, give up and cry (ok, maybe it's not *that* hard to change the sort order). 2 - As a photographer I have lists of poses or shot lists and I have them as notes called "1 - getting ready", "2 - ceremony start", "3 - ceremony end", etc. Being able to go into certain notebooks and select a "custom sort order" or "use this sort order in only this notebook", or something like that which would keep a sort by name in those folders, but in everywhere else they all change as they do now. Make sense? Crazy? Useful?
  3. Another minor annoyance I just noticed. I used to be able to click anywhere on a note to start editing, and if the click was in the bottom area of the note, it would just put the insertion point at the bottom of the note. Now it seems that I can't click anywhere on that big expanse of white under any text I've written, but I have to click above a certain point. It doesn't seem to be due to the text (what I thought originally) as with a one line note there's a point where the cursor turns into an insertion point, but that "area of clickability" seems to be the same. From a workflow point of view I'm used to seeing the grey outer area outside the white editable / clickable area. Now the entire note area is white, making me think I can click anywhere in there. Kind of annoying and I'm finding myself being frustrated because I open a note, click and then realize I can't start typing until I move the mouse up to some (seemingly) arbitrary point above which I can. I think this is just the color outside of the editable area going from grey to white so there's not visual differentiation anymore. See attachments for examples.
  4. You beat me to it. I can't stress this enough. I really hope the finished version provides a way to turn the auto-formatting off. I was so excited to hear about Markdown support, so I signed up for the beta, but I was hugely letdown by the implementation about 5 seconds into testing it. It seems like it would make more sense to be able to enter Markdown and get formatted previews or exports. At a minimum, you should be able to copy the note in a way that yields it's originally input text. Perhaps these are all features that are coming, but with the way it's implemented now, I basically cannot use it at all. People who love Markdown so much that they'd clamor for this feature for years are not the type of people who want their Markdown immediately converted to something else with the Markdown lost forever. +1 from me. I wouldn't say it's unusable, as it is nice to have a quick shortcut to get the formatting. I personally would love a toggle of some sort, maybe a bit like WordPress has, to let you write notes in markdown, have them saved as plain text, but rendered (for preview / reading) with formatting like Day One, or have a full WYSIWYG editor with markdown shortcuts like is implemented now. I prefer the current implementation over hitting cmd-b, cmd-i, etc to bold/format/etc, but like you guys I'd love "real" markdown. However I don't know how something like that would jive with the internal representation of notes (RTF IIRC). For example what if you wrote a note in markdown, and then decided you wanted to highlight a section of it after. Should the note's markdown be changed, or the formatting go "on top" of the existing plain text (making it not plain text anymore). Or if you change your mind halfway through and want WYSIWYG editing.
  5. I'm not able to reproduce this. Is anyone else seeing this issue? I'm seeing this as well. Fully up to date 10.10, beta evernote just downloaded a few minutes ago. Almost like the mainWindow.show() is set to not show by default or something, or the app is restoring a state of the main window being closed or something. Is there debugging I can do to help out with this?
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