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  1. Hi The image size problem I mentioned earlier is NOT solve in the 6.10 version of Evernote on Mac. This is extremely annoying and very disappointing...
  2. Hi Since upgrading from 6.7 to 6.9 (sorry, I did not install 6.8) , the way images are handled through drag and drop seems to have changed, for they are now integrated in much bigger size. For instance, I use Latexit to create Latex formula and then put into my notes. Please note that the image are exported into PNG. Previously, it was rendered as shown in the first screenshot provided. But since I upgrade to 6.9, I have a very bad rendering, as shown in second screenshot, with formula too big to be useful. Granted, I could resize the image but : - that is an useless extra step for me - I often use simple formula (such as K) inline, and its size is now clearly too big (the height of the line is much bigger after the drag and drop than before), _but_ the image is too small to be resized (the blue square do not show the usual bottom-right circle used to resize). For an example see the 2 last screenshots. Do Evernote team intend to correct this ? I use Evernote very heavily to take scientific notes... Thanks
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