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  1. I think Evernote should either fully implement Markdown, or not at all.
  2. Hi Marcus! I've been holding back on Evernote because of the lack of Markdown support. I was very excited to hear about this beta, so I signed up right away. I should note that I've only been using this beta, and haven't really used the 'regular' version of Evernote. I like it so far, but I don't really like how I can't see the 'source' of my markdown text. I would suggest to show the text the way apps like iA Writer does, while editing. And show the 'parsed' text when viewing a note. I have three more comments on the way Markdown is parsed in Evernote: - I'd love to she Markdown headings - For the 'checklists', I really like the way Github has implemented this. You create a checklist like so: - [ ] Not checked item- [x] Checked item- [ ] Another not checked item - I'm also a big fan of the default tables in markdown: | Table head 1 | Table head 2 ||--------------|--------------|| Table content | Table content || Table content 2 | Table Content 2 | Basically, in my ideal world Evernote would support full Github Flavored Markdown. I know the Markdown implementation is in an early stage, but that makes this the best time to give my take on it. Great work so far and I can't wait the test the coming versions! Bram
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