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  1. The advantage for me in using Evernote, is the notebook and tagging system. I couldn't care less about WYSIWYG. My preference would be to type my notes in Markdown. I've been looking around, and I haven't seen anything that will give me that structure I want with a nice simple Markdown experience. I hear Evernote and others talking about how the WYSIWYG editor is the core of the product, but my impression is that it's the part that is constantly being changed and hammered with criticism about how bad it is. In my experience, the notebooks/tags/collections "just work", and that's what I like about Evernote. That's what I feel the core of Evernote is. This is just awful how entering Markdown automatically converts the text you're typing. As several others have stated, I signed up to beta test because of the mention of Markdown in that blog post. Now I basically have no choice but uninstall the beta. Even if you do Format -> Make Plain Text, the note still converts Markdown to styled elements when you type. So I guess "Make Plain Text" doesn't mean what I think it means. And if you enter Markdown and let Evernote convert on the fly, and then you attempt to "Make Plain Text" when you're finished, you don't get what you typed in either (I'm looking at you unordered lists...). So without the ability to turn off the auto-formatting, I have to sadly go back to the stable version and abandon the beta test. I just hope that's not a painful process.
  2. Marcus pretty much summed up the shortcuts in his post. The "code block" might be misnamed, but it's a way to call out quick snippets of text similar to bold or italic. It's experimental right now, but I've been using it to call out UI elements in a tutorial (click <enter> to continue). It's not appropriate for pasting long SQL queries for instance, although we know that is a need. To create one, type something like `Code` using the backquote key (above the tab key on most macs). Sorry, I think I didnt explain my issue good enough. I know markdown and how to use characters to do stuff. ## for headers `` for codeblock and so on. I would really like to see someone use it, can I get a screenshot of a code-block or a header used with markdown and se how it looks? What I dont know is: How to get it to look like a codeblock. - Rightclick and select "convert to markdown" - Select text and CMD+Y+D - etc.. The post is only about what you can do, not how. It doesnt go it by just add the characters around some text. If you are using double-backtick, that's likely your problem. Here's a screen recording of me doing a code block.
  3. You beat me to it. I can't stress this enough. I really hope the finished version provides a way to turn the auto-formatting off. I was so excited to hear about Markdown support, so I signed up for the beta, but I was hugely letdown by the implementation about 5 seconds into testing it. It seems like it would make more sense to be able to enter Markdown and get formatted previews or exports. At a minimum, you should be able to copy the note in a way that yields it's originally input text. Perhaps these are all features that are coming, but with the way it's implemented now, I basically cannot use it at all. People who love Markdown so much that they'd clamor for this feature for years are not the type of people who want their Markdown immediately converted to something else with the Markdown lost forever.
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