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  1. Thanks, gazumped, for your reply. Never wanting to put my foot entirely in my mouth without knowing I am doing it, I educated myself on .rtfd, and find that it is not as universal as I thought. So I can understand the reluctance on the part of the Evernote team to put effort into a feature that would not equally benefit all their users. Nobody likes it when a product does not offer comparable features on the different operating systems. Still, there are times when I would like to share a note (and frequently it's a note without attachments) with a co-worker who is not an Evernote user. I want them to be able to easily work with the content of the note, which is why I'm not totally in agreement that a .pdf file is an acceptable substitute. (.pdf would be acceptable -- although still more elaborate than needed -- in the use case I cited above, of making a 'project done' archive of materials from the project.) fastpencil, while seductive in its own way, struck me as overkill for what I'm talking about. But maybe not. I will keep it in mind. So I'll leave it at: feature request - export an attachment-free note as .rtf; be able to do this in bulk with each note becoming a separate .rtf file; warn users that attachments will not be exported; (see the other 'requirements' I listed in my original post). Just a request, not a complaint! Thanks Jacque
  2. Feature Request: export notes to .rtf or .rtfd files (which can then be opened with just about any word processor). (My apologies if this duplicates a thread already in existence - I searched for a while, but did not find a thread with a similar topic.) I know it seems heretical to ask it, but I'd like to be able to export notes in .rtf (or .rtfd) format, rather than .html or .enex. This would allow me to share them with others more easily, and at the conclusion of projects, export my Evernote notes and combine them with other documents/files that have been stored in other places and make a single archive. That archive could then be perused later without having to re-import notes to Evernote, for instance. Ideally, I'd like to be able to do this in bulk, that is, selecting multiple Evernote notes and exporting them all at the same time. Each note would end up as a separate .rft file. Filename would be the note title (special characters stripped out as needed). While it would be lovely to have the new file's metadata reflect the original creation date of the note, for me that's not necessary. It would be nice then to add a line or two to the bottom of the .rtf file such as "Exported from Evernote on _date_. Originally created on _date_. Last modified on _date_. Part of _notebookname_." It would be good to include simple images (.jpg, .png, .gif, .svg?) as part of the .rtfd. More complicated attachments, like .pdf or word or excel documents, could be replaced with the filename of the original file and that file exported at the same time. (e.g.: "File _filename_ here as part f the Evernote note." Thank you.
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