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  1. I didnt think of that proces yet. It is a workable workaround for the time being. But,... what is it, a bug..?
  2. Hmm,... bit of a workaround. I see that when I give it more time to load and save a note it is more stable. I scan on a different computer. Sync them from there. Then on my own workstation I Sync the database I see the scanned documents. Sometimes when I try to add tags the attachement dissapears. The percentage of lost items is higher when I work fast. Its a situations that should not occur. Eather way how you place the items in the database by file import or through mail, adjusting the metadata of the note should note remove the attachement. At this moment I use as precausion that I first save the attachement and then when the issue arrises I can re-enter the attachment. Sometimes a few days later I see two attachements. Somehow it seems that its a visibility issue. When the attachement dissappears as preview, the note looks empty but you still can save the attachement... so underwater the attachement is still there.. until you sync. then the attachement is gone. Sacha.
  3. Hi All, I have the following issue with Evernote for Windows GA. I am using: Windows 10 Pro x64 I scan documents with snapscan and place them automaticly in its notebook. When I add Tags the attachement sometimes disapear. Sometimes its just a visibility issue and I can salvage it by richt clicking the note and saving the attchement. (not visible any more). Sometimes its just isn't there. Anyone any suggestings...? Sacha.
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