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  1. OK, I've got all my Evernote notebooks anchored to Penultimate so they show up there. But notes I create in Evernote do not sync over to Penultimate. So, if I want to add drawings to a note I created in Evernote, I can't?
  2. I just downloaded Evernote and Penultimate yesterday. My Evernote Notebooks are not displayed in Penultimate, even though they were created there. That makes no sense to me, and renders Penultimate pretty-much useless. I posted in the help forum, but have had no response there.
  3. I just started using Penultimate and Evernote today. I created notebooks in Evernote, but they weren't displaying in Penultimate. So I deleted them in Evernote and recreated them in Penultimate, and they synced over to Evernote. So far, so good. Then I went back to Evernote and moved some previously created notes into the notebooks I created. But when I go back to Penultimate, the notebooks are gone. Does anyone know what the problem is? From what I'm seeing on this forum, Penultimate has tons of bugs and problems. I'm wondering if I should just scrap the whole idea of using these two apps.
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