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  1. Yes, exactly. My feature request is: Do not enlarge pdf to automatically fit the available window space. Use the size attributes of the pdf instead. If i set the magnification attribute of my file to 100% I want Evernote to use that attribute and not automatically enlarge to fit available window space without the possibility to resize it again. I attached the workaround that I am currently using with pdf as icon and jpg (which I am fortunately able to resize). This is not very convenient.
  2. Hello Thanks for your response. I am producing those PDFs myself. In the Document Properties of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC I set the Magnification to 100%. If I open the PDF produced that way in Adobe Reader it opens at 100%. Exactly as I want it to. Only Evernote enlarges it making it look unsharp. I attached a PDF produced in that way as an example. Feel free to add it Evernote and you will see what I am talking about. Anthony Lawson Decision Maker.pdf
  3. When I add a pdf to Evernote the pdf is resized and I have to possibility to change the size as I have with pictures. I would like to have the default size set to 100% . I am aware that I can display the pdf as an icon but that is not what I want. This is especially annying if you have a pdf with a small display size like an ad or a receipt. My current workaround is to add everything as pdf (displayed as icon) AND as jpg so that I see the content of the pdf. This is not a user friendly solution.
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