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  1. Thanks! Moving to OneNote was an excellent choice, I only paid 50e more per year, got office package, 1TB space, and OneNote doesn't lag! MS Has really made good moves lately. Anyway, now I tried to cancel my account so it doesn't bill me anymore next year and I don't see it clearly where I can do that. I came here to see where I can reach the OFFICIAL support, because it was mentioned in this chain. Cheers, Jouni
  2. Results (reinstalling, database folder): Tested reinstalling and also removed folders from appdata local and locallow also from my user directory. I let it sync everything. Tried and same behaviour continued. Restarted machine and tried with only Evernote. Same thing happens with my laptop on windows sides. Web interface I can use but it isn't so flexible when you really need to work on your notes. I thank you for putting so much time to help me and giving really good tips which I wished could have solved the situation. I don't mean this in any in-mature way but to keep my efficiency
  3. This time I didn't have much going on background (as seen from the processes, usually I have bigger memory footprint 70% in use and CPU ticking a lot more). Only Edge-browser playing music, one ssh connection open to server and only this evernote as I was trying to build up very important material on it and I had to use multiple notes at the same time. I will certainly test that DPI thing before trying reinstalling or database folder renaming. Tested it before posting this because this was a fast one to test. Results: Disabling display scaling on high DPI settings didn't help in thi
  4. Thank you! All disks are SSD's and the one used by evernote is .M2 and its very fast and efficient. I doubt that would be the case I would have noticed it on some other applications as well before evernote. However! I'll try reinstalling and doing that database folder tip you gave me. Thanks for that! I'll come back and report the results. ps. About the screens: I have desktop machine with Nvidia Titan Pascal on it which can support at least 3 displays at the same time. I've noticed that some applications might have problems when using high resolution screens and got something to do wi
  5. Ah Ok! I didn't know that this is user supported forum. I also have 3 displays, 2 of those are 4k and one 1440p. I use this on main display 4k. When this sluggishness happens evernote takes 5% CPU time. Its easy to replicate jsut scrolling down that all notes list in the middle and having one note open on its own windows on top of the evernote "main app". But today I just felt it was interrupting my work too much, if you can help me with this cool! Also I would like to know how to improve the situation of font size suddenly changing, but it doesn't reflet on the notes
  6. (WINDOWS) Because now using Evernote has become irritating. When you have a lot of notebooks, notes and you have a view open where you have notebooks on left, all notes on middle, note editor on right. When you open few more editors from different notes and you start to edit. UI is just becoming more and more sluggish and can't even type anymore on some point. waits for few moments, I can see flickering on "Viewing 961 notes in "All Notebooks" - list. When I paste things from same document, suddenly the font is different even when the editor doesn't see it as different??? Now I've r
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