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  1. Aha! Sorry for the stupid question and thanks! Any other work arounds you might suggest? 🙈
  2. is there a way to do this for a couple of words in one go? or a way to turn off auto correct all together just in Evernote? My problem is that it marks all my links with the annoying red line and I can not even right click on the words because the link is hyperlinked and pops up a different window when I do so. I have to manually type many weird letter combinations and then right click each of them and ignore them....any other work arounds?
  3. Well if it's the same issue it does make sense to reopen it.
  4. Oh well, it's a pity there's no option to request for a thread to be reopened.
  5. I understand that would be a reason to check if it should be archived, but the issue wasn't taken care of and here's a new discussion about this in 2019.
  6. So that's what "Windows Archived" means? Why are they archived?
  7. I was under the impression Evernote was using Windows spell checker. This is what it says on Evernote Help.
  8. I was under the impression Evernote was using Windows spell checker. This is what it says on Evernote Help.
  9. This has been posted 7 years ago and has not been solved yet!
  10. Just posting this here in case someone ran into problems related to spell checking in a few languages.
  11. There are some discussions I can not comment on anyone know why perhaps?
  12. Evernote Help specifies there is no spell checking on Windows specifically from Evernote. The Windows spell checking does the work though. Apparently Evernote does require you to set the language or languages if you are not using only the system languages. Here is how you do this: Tools -> Options -> Language -> Use Selected Languages. Here's a more detailed explanation with pictures: is usually selected. You want to select Language and then: Then pick the languages you want:
  13. I'm pretty sure this was different a few years ago. Does it save a version for very small changes as well?
  14. I didn't really understand this. What does set periods mean? I asked how often and your answer is at set periods? Does that mean it is different for every user?
  15. I read that now and all the comments, I'm very happy to hear that! Very curious as to what comes in the beta version regarding reminders! Would be lovely to see location reminders, maybe even user location based reminders? Adding reminders for other users when they allow it would be nice and very important allowing more than one reminder for every note!
  16. Could you please elaborate on this? How often is a new version saved? Does this depend on how extensively the note was edited? Has this changed over time? I had Evernote premium a few years ago and this was not the case.
  17. As I said it would be nice to at least enable text only. All the other data can be blurred away and the fact that this exists means it is possible and I would really appreciate the best most professional note-taking app to gave this or at least talk about attempting to achieve this instead of coming out with new designs all the time. I'm not saying this is not difficult for Evernote, but technology is advancing and if Evernote doesn't come out with this some other app will. I will ;)
  18. I think this is very unfortunate, but perhaps this is as already suggested in this commenting thread because it is so cumbersome and limited in Evernote and also in all other apps I know? The percentage of people who use note-taking apps in general is probably less than 1% of the population but I was under the impression that Evernote's goal is to change this by creating a productive tool. I have been following reminders and notifications in many different apps and I have noticed huge progress in many apps (Google Keep with its location reminders, Google Assistant with setting reminders for other users, Telegram with sending messages, including to yourself, at a later period of time and in General there incredibly well synchronization abilities across all platforms and many more apps) but the Evernote team is actually going backwards in this matter in the new (beta) version of Evernote web there is no option to add a reminder to a note at all!. I agree for notes with Data other than text, but then it should really be a proper note history like in the example in my last comment. The way it is now Google Docs is better and free. I do not think it is expensive at all to keep a text based note history and there are plenty open source projects which already offer this. So let's fight for this! what can I do? In General I would really like to see more settings which allow configuration, we can always argue about the default later but this is so easy and important! they have already implemented it all they need to add is an if else code block and a toggle button in the settings!
  19. Exactly what I meant. This forces me to click on edit before I add something to my note. Beforehand I could just enter the note and quickly add something to it but now I have to click on edit and only afterwards I can edit it. I understand if most users want this then it should be the default but they should at least add a settings option which can disable this. Evernote keeps a few versions for premium users only. I am not a premium user and I do not want to be. I tried evernote premium for more than a year and the note history lacks a lot. Take a look at this website, it is based on an open source project and there are many websites that use this timeslide. This is how a note history should look like and it should not be a premium feature. I use Evernote to take notes AND edit them. Why would I want to use a thousand different apps? We already have Google for that and Evernote can not compete with all of Google products combined (Google Docs, Keep, Photos, Drive). Besides I use Android and I have not yet found a better note-taking app than Evernote on Android so maybe you can enlighten me?
  20. I am completely against the forcing of the edit mode in us users. I think the solution for "pocket editing" is to keep a tracked history of the note. This is an unnecessary extra step you need to take to be able to jot something down. I understand that Evernote has a powerful Editor and I do appreciate it a lit but I still think this is first and foremost a note-taking app and not a document editor like Google-Docs. Please focus more on the Reminders they are way more important for productivity than being able to style something.
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