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  1. When software enters the world of "feature creep" all perspectives are important. Good for you for not needing this particular feature, but obviously it has been deemed important to many over the years. I will not mock your satisfaction with it not existing, and still consider it a logical expectation to use the Evernote print button, to print my Evernote notes, as they appear on my Evernote screen.
  2. Dear Evernote, can you please tell us when this will be done? We know this is why you raised prices (To pay the engineers to fix this necessary and logical functionality that has yet to exist) I would love to continue boasting how well my needs are met by this software, and this one should be a given.
  3. Ditto + Pretty please you otherwise almighty "create-it-before-I-can-ask-for-it" engineers! This is an important paper-saving tool in my life, but on occasion we need the trees. For the love of trees (and us loyals) could you please consider?..
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