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  1. Nope its not for legal support Its simply to log events with a tag filter by that tag and then export all those filtered notes into one MS word ( or similarly featured editor) document in sequential order
  2. I realise i omitted the important detail of querying that my most important requirement is that batch exports selected can export into s single document. Is that an option..
  3. Thanks Indelible for your concise and clear answer. I hope to find a combination of your recommendations and my challenges to find best solution In reference to your point 1. yes that is how i have started to work but i put key word between two underscores eg "_legal_" . The reason is that i export the orall appropriately tagged notes in additional documents and thus seek to minimise the editing resource overhead in removing each keyword ( i guess its not that hard to remove them all if all in one text based document. with reference to putting important sentences requiring Tags, i have thought of that, almost like a flowing multi-note paragraph. I haven't tried it yet, Is there a way to batch export a group of notes, or a group of notes filtered by tag into one document ( eg MS WORD_). The overheard resources of doing so with a cut and paste of each individual note would otherwise make it prohibitive I now realise I dont have the simple clarity other than "cut and paste" how to then take all those notes as found by a tag and export them into one usable content stream in a product such as Ms Word or the like. Is that less intuitive as i expected it would be?thanks
  4. Hi There seems to be no solution i have seen that is elegant enough allow the tagging of a sentence or multiple sentence within a paragraph or long note. The only quick and dirty solution i found was to do something like adding underscores eg _legal_ But of course this has the overhead of needed ing remove them all the truly needed extension thereafter would be not to only find the notes with the designated tag on the sentence but also filter all those sentences. This has specific, needed, and important application in say matters of law where recording or logging incidents that may require reference and use in different way and under different topics , and thus access to a sentence by tag within a longer note or statement is a critical need Is there some technical aspect i am simply not appreciating or is this tagging feature available in Evernote or elsewhere and i simply have missed it thanks Regards
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