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  1. Hi, me again! I'm glad to see that this workaround helped out while we worked on this issue. UPDATE: This issue has now been resolved as of last night. If you are still having trouble signing in to the clipper, please confirm you are on the latest version of the clipper and your Safari Privacy settings for Cookies and website date are updated to either "Allow from websites I visit" or "Always Allow." If you still experience an issue, please submit a support request for further investigation. Thanks again for your swift and thorough reporting on this one folks! Without your help flagging this, we would not have been able to act so quickly.
  2. Hi Glenn! It sounds like you may be experiencing a different issue, but it might help to first check this post to double check your browser privacy settings: @NABcom it sounds like this may be the case for you as well. As a heads up- we do not believe this is tied to the High Sierra update as it's not specific to Safari.
  3. Hi all, sounds like you've run into an issue we identified recently. See my post in this thread for more information:
  4. Hi @csa78749 it sounds like you've actually run into an issue I've provided more information on here:
  5. Hi All, sounds like you've actually encountered a newer issue we identified today. More information in my post here:
  6. Hey all, it sounds like you've encountered a new issue we've identified. There's more information here:
  7. Hey all, it sounds like you're experiencing a new issue. Here's a post with more information:
  8. Hello Everyone, There's been several reports coming in today about not being able to sign in to the Evernote Web Clipper (primarily on Safari). I'm going to merge/link the threads I find into this one so everyone can keep updated. At this point in time, our development team is aware of this issue, and investigating a fix. We believe this occurred after our web release yesterday evening. As a workaround while we work to correct this issue: For Safari: Log in to the Web Clipper by signing into Evernote Web at https://www.evernote.com/Login.action and check ‘Remember me for 30 days’ when logging on. For all other browsers: Log in to the Clipper normally, but select the ‘Remember me for 30 days’ option when signing in. There is not a need to open a new chat or support ticket unless the above workaround does not work for you. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work through this on the backend. EDIT: Please see update below!
  9. Hi @qpackarde Take a look at this thread for more information on what you're seeing:
  10. Thanks for flagging! I'm on it! look for an email from me shortly @Edx !
  11. Hi @Lesia Thanks for posting your ticket number here. It looks like your subscription was not reflecting on your account. Live chat is only available to Premium and Business users, so the option would not show since your account had not updated. I do apologize for the delay and inconvenience. A colleague of mine just reached out by email, please keep an eye out. Please reply back to the agent by email if you have any further questions so they can be sure to help you out in a more timely manner. --- We've been experiencing an increased number of tickets this week so our team is working hard to get to everyone as quickly as possible. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding on this. Our community does a fantastic job of helping and directing as they can, particularly during high volume times for our support team. We cannot thank them enough!
  12. Hi @jahtexas! I'd like to look into this one a bit more with you. I've opened a support request on your behalf to get some more information. Please keep an eye out for an email from me. Hi @Tracey Bobo ! Here's a link for you to use for the Mac version: http://evernote.com/download/get.php?file=ScanSnapMac
  13. Hi @eafpres! Since you're viewing a PDF in the mobile browser, try tapping "Open In..." from the bottom of the screen, then select Evernote. If you don't see "Open In..." tap the PDF and it should appear again for you. You will see the same Evernote dialog to add tags/choose a notebook. Let me know if you have any trouble using these steps.
  14. Hi @Groovius ! Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention! I've confirmed our team is working to resolve this now and we hope to have it corrected soon.
  15. Hi again, please reply back to my private message from the forum with another email address to reach you since our responses are not arriving to the one you've provided previously. Thank you!
  16. Hi @Nick Powis ! I came across your post and I was hoping that these might be helpful for you: Videos: Getting Started with Evernote for Windows Videos: Getting Started with Evernote for Mac
  17. Thanks for letting me know. I've replied to your private message to have you provide another email address so I can be sure my messages reach you. Please reply there so I can help out as soon as possible!
  18. Hi All, I just wanted to jump in and let you know our devs identified that a few edge cases were still not resolved with the 8.2.1 update. They're working to get that corrected. So in the meantime, try to stick to editing affected notes elsewhere if you need to make changes. This will be resolved in an update, so as long as you keep your app updated, as soon as the fix is released, you will have it. If you did make some edits on iOS and lost the formatting in the tables on other platforms, use 'Note History' to restore the prior format. Thanks for calling attention to this!
  19. Hi Everyone, I wanted to create a thread to provide some explicit detail on subscription cancelations. All Evernote subscriptions are enrolled in auto-renewal by default. Depending on how you signed up for your Premium or Plus subscription, you might take different steps to cancel the auto-renewal. To avoid being charged for the next billing cycle, be sure to cancel before the renewal takes place. Under the terms of our Refund Policy, subscriptions are non-refundable, and no prorated refunds or credits are offered for partially used subscriptions. We do understand there may be circumstances which require further investigation. In those cases, please open a support request and provide as much detail about the circumstance as possible. We cannot discuss private account and payment information on the forum. Details around third party payments will vary by processor: PayPal: Manage or cancel your subscription’s auto-renewal directly through your Evernote Account Settings. iTunes: Manage or cancel your subscription’s auto-renewal directly through iTunes. More info here. Google Play: Manage or cancel your subscription’s auto-renewal directly through Google Play. More info here. In all cases, when you cancel your Evernote Premium or Plus subscription, your subscription won't change until your current billing cycle ends. Once your subscription runs out, it will be canceled, and your account will automatically be converted to Evernote Basic. None of your data will be lost, and all of your data will still be accessible. If you do decide it’s time to go back to a Basic subscription, send us some feedback! Each section of our forum has a Product Feedback area for you to let us know how to make Premium or Plus subscriptions more valuable for you. **This thread is intended for informative purposes only. If you have an account query that requires assistance from our support team, please open a ticket to ensure your request does not get missed or delayed. Please note: all information contained in this post is current as of May 3, 2017**
  20. Hi there @wookash It looks like I responded to your support requests on Saturday. I will resend my response. Please check for an email from me shortly. It may help to double check your spam folder if you did not receive my response, just in case. If you still do not get my message, send me a direct message here with another email address I can reach you with. Thanks!
  21. Hi @Stephanie Ev I've created a ticket on your behalf to get some more info on this, please look out for an email from me shortly!
  22. Hey everyone! For those receiving failed email notifications that you have never sent, please visit this thread for more information:
  23. Hey all ! Currently, Evernote web is not optimized for use on mobile browsers. It'd be great to get an updated pulse on how this has impacted everyone and see where we're at in regards to demand. Head over to our iOS Product Feedback page to submit the request.
  24. @robert7 Hi Robert, I grabbed your ticket. Look for an email from me shortly! @Sergey777 Hi Sergey, I created a ticket for you to get more information from you about your case. Please check your inbox for an email from me.
  25. We’re looking into reports of deleted notes not going to the trash, and we have already submitted a fix for this to Apple. For current cases, in order to confirm that this is the same issue, we need to get you into a support ticket with activity logs. If you're running into this issue, please open a support ticket from your device and include an activity log: Account > Support > Submit a Support Request (Ensure 'Include activity log' is toggled on) If you're having trouble opening a ticket, post here to let me know. @JLLee @mershguy @caemca @Moka I'm going to be creating a support ticket for each of you to further look into what you've experienced. Please be on the lookout for an email from me.
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