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  1. Not sure what the response means, let me try and clarify my situation.

         I have notes in a note book called Recipes from OneNote (that I had imported in from my OneNote account), and then another notebook in Evernote named Recipes.  Under the Recipes notebook I have with Notes entitled Fish, Pasta, etc.  I just realized now, as I am trying to describe this to you, that in the web version of Evernote my Notebook Recipes from OneNote is not showing up?  Now I am really confused.

        Anyway on my desktop version I had these 2 notebooks, and I was trying to move notes from the Recipes from OneNote notebook to the corresponding notes in the Recipes Notebook, and it was saying that I was using up my monthly allotment.  I see now that maybe I moved stuff into my desktop, but for some reason it did not sync.    Sorry, but perhaps this is too confusing. I think the file I tried to import from OneNote was too big for the online Evernote, but it is still in my desktop version.   

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