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  1. Crist! I didnt believe it was true event though I think I realised a while ago? Nope, not even close to what the community was asking for (atleas not me). Actually I dont care that much about markdown as markdown. I just really want to take notes and format snippets of code/terminal commands in a clean way. Markdown is a good common standardish way of doing it but anything will do .
  2. Marcus pretty much summed up the shortcuts in his post. The "code block" might be misnamed, but it's a way to call out quick snippets of text similar to bold or italic. It's experimental right now, but I've been using it to call out UI elements in a tutorial (click <enter> to continue). It's not appropriate for pasting long SQL queries for instance, although we know that is a need. To create one, type something like `Code` using the backquote key (above the tab key on most macs). Sorry, I think I didnt explain my issue good enough. I know markdown and how to use characters to do stuff. ## for headers `` for codeblock and so on. I would really like to see someone use it, can I get a screenshot of a code-block or a header used with markdown and se how it looks? What I dont know is: How to get it to look like a codeblock. - Rightclick and select "convert to markdown" - Select text and CMD+Y+D - etc.. The post is only about what you can do, not how. It doesnt go it by just add the characters around some text.
  3. How does the markdown "thing" work? I have the new beta-version and tried every example you have. I dont seem to succed on making eg. code-blocks? Any guide how to create it?
  4. +1 Btw! Found this addon, It somehow solves my problem event though it would be a lot easier if evernote supported code blocks.
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