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  1. Thanks Dave-in-Decatur! My fault for not specifying the IMAGE FILE FORMAT information, as I find there is an important distinction now that I tried your suggestion. I NOW find my problem is with .PDF FILE IMAGES posted into Evernote notes. For whatever reason, some of them cause Evernote to insist on running off screen, pretty much regardless of how big you make that window. I find that your answer of clicking on the "image" and finding the blue dot on the bottom right corner, does work for JPEG images (e.g. .jpg) but does NOT work for .PDF files. Is there another Easter-egg for .PDF file image resizing? I don't have much call for, and haven't tried any other file formats.
  2. I came here looking to resize images in my Evernote note, because when I insert images into a note, such as a journal page, Evernote ostensibly arbitrarily decides that some images have to be kept on screen in such a size that no matter how I large I make my window, my notes scroll off the screen; --which makes reading, editing, and otherwise working in / with that note awkward and difficult. Sooo, while rain may be wet, and wind may blow, that Evernote behavior kinda sucks; --so putting the dismissive comments about rain and wind aside, I think wanting some control over how Evernote decides how large to make images in context of displaying the note onscreen is a legitimate and reasonable concern and request from us paying customers. Oh, and unlike rain and wind, Evernote is a human creation that humans can do something about; if they are so inclined.
  3. DT - You're quite right. I was quite unclear; so based on your courteous suggestion, I have hopefully made my meaning and it's pertinence to the topic at hand, more comprehensible. Thank you for your kind notice.
  4. I rue being UNable to set the sort order (in the iOS app) so as to show my latest journal entries first, which notes I (for this very reason) title for this very purpose (e.g. 20170503 DAILY JOURNAL). Having to scroll down through dozens, hundreds, or thousands of entries on an iPhone is prohibitive; and because I have lots of other things going on in Evernote, using the "most recently updated" sort still leaves things disorganized and hard to find when you're trying to pop something up quickly in front of a group of people, say, in a meeting. I bought on the promise that Evernote works across platforms, and have invested a great deal of data into Evernote in hopes of being able to quickly and conveniently access the information I need "on the hoof" from my hand-held iOS "phablet", and for that matter, my take-it-on-the-plane iPad PRO. Isn't that pretty much along the lines of what they tell us when they're asking us to commit to that monthly (or yearly) payment? In practice, and without specifically enumerating issues off the sort-order topic here, I have been disappointed at finding the Evernote iOS app not-so-ready-for-prime-time-really. It's relatively difficult to extract complex information from a small device in any case, so in that sense the iOS app really needs to be better; --and not just a abridged-afterthought redheaded-stepchild version of the PC app. I HOPE AND ASK that Evernote beef up the iOS app. I think they should start from a blank slate and build a new iOS / mobile app from scratch. It's that clumsy and ungainly as it is. I think that, at the very least, paying customers who need to access Evernote via iOS deserve better than what they're getting!
  5. Mr. Gazumped, et al: Just to clarify: I think the question here, is that some people are looking for full OCR conversion to text, by which is meant the ability to be able to actually have the handwritten notes converted to ascii text, so for example, one could cut and paste the text to / from other applications, otherwise edit it, and/or search for it in a "Find" (Ctrl-F bottom of the note search window) searching the actual text within the note itself. This as opposed to the system you are describing which is what Evernote advertises, is to capture an image of handwritten notes which one can search in the "top search box" (which searches ALL notes) on the Evernote application screen, which doesn't allow direct manipulation (cut/paste of text, editing of the text, in-note search) of the text in the image. I gather some of these high-tech pens described in this thread create actual full text OCR conversion, not sure how else one would get this functionality from Evernote, but speaking for myself, I don't see a lot of use for the "make notes on paper with Evernote" paradigm. It is useful as an accessory, but for the overwhelming majority of serious work, I need actual text I can work with as text on my PC (and other devices), cutting, pasting, editing, & etc.
  6. Wow Brian Caldwell, thank you for your response... If a separate business card note works for you, great, I'm not trying to take it away, I just want the option to keep it simple and straightforward, and opt out of the unnecessary-for and unwanted-by me, overly complicated extras you describe. I figured out and have been using a WORKAROUND, which is to stick the business card or cards onto something else I want to scan to the meeting note, or onto a larger piece of paper onto which I write other notes, so EverNote doesn't just grab the business card or cards off an otherwise blank page. This can be a pain, and time-inefficient, and as such, not what I want Evernote for, but it accomplishes the simple need to put the attendee's cards in the meeting note. Thank you for pointing out the "Link" capability. I see what you mean there, but I think I'll stick with the workaround for now, because it gives me what I want. I'll take your word on the Linked In connection, I don't use that, though I can see how it could be useful, because pulling data from a business card scan is a difficult and error-prone process. Since one OFTEN doesn't get good information from business card scanning, maybe using Linked In to buff the business card data will yield less garbage-in to contact apps. I don't have Evernote connected to a contacts app (I hope), because I don't want every business card from every meeting junking up my contact list anyway. I REALLY just want to be able to attach the business card, and any other documentation, to the "meeting note" and leave it at that. I should point out that there is no apparent reason why what would seem a prima facie "best practice" of leaving the business card attached to the note would necessarily preclude any of the "benefits" you describe. A business card attached to a meeting note would still preserve the image, and you could still run that data by LinkedIn and feed it to contacts & etc. At this point I gather the answer is that I will have to use the workaround to opt out of the business card grab-away. If one has to split the business cards off to provide the functionality you describe for others, so be it; but for those of us who want the obvious value of having business cards stay with the notes, it sure would be nice to have a "spare me" button somewhere that turns off some or all of your fancy schamncy business card solution; thanks.
  7. Freeves: Thanks for the suggestion. Can you tell me where this Capture Mode setting can be found? FYI - I am a "Premium" user so I should have all the bells and whistles.I'm looking at my iPhone Evernote app and I don't find "Capture Mode" anywhere in settings. There is a "Camera" option, and a "Business Cards" menu, but no "Capture Mode" or anything else pertinent...On the Evernote PC application, I looked under Tools => Optons: No "Capture Mode" there either.I logged in to Evernote via my browser and searched through all the options under my account: Nada on "Capture Mode" there.Don't see anything buttons or controls or anything else with the word "Scannable" anywhere either....?
  8. When I scan a business card Evernote insists on treating it as a separate note. Is there a way to scan a business card as if it were any other document, so it will stay inside the note I'm working on? In other words, if I'm making a note to document a meeting, and want the business card to be with other documents I scan which are inside THAT meeting note, how do I accomplish that? I'm brand new to Evernote, so I hope this isn't a stupic question...
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