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  1. I thought from the last bit of the instructions about cookies, " Keep until: they expire" that all cookies would stay on my PC for as long as the sites that set them wanted. I also find that a lot of sites complain if I block 3rd party cookies so I let firefox accept everything but then delete it all every time it closes.
  2. No, the browser isn't opening unexpectedly but whenever I start it an evernote page opens on a new tab as well as my homepage. The fix, linked to, works but I don't like having the browser set to keep cookies.
  3. Thanks for that 'gazumped', it is working but I think I will get rid of evernote completely as I am not happy with some of the settings changes required to get the fix to work. I don't mind the odd advert appearing in 'free' software or occasional emails but having to continually close their web page is a bit irritating.
  4. Hi, Evernote has started opening a browser tab on Firefox start up, would anyone know how to stop this? I have removed 'web clipper' from Firefox but it is still happening, do I have to abandon evernote completely to stop it?
  5. Saved database Uninstalled/reinstalled clipper but no difference then Uninstalled/reinstalled the main evernote prog and it has stopped giving the message,
  6. A single click starts it from the start menu but it usually just starts automatically when I use evernote clipper and I get the error message whichever way it starts.
  7. I have started getting this message on evernote start: "the operation you have attempted to perform cannot be completed error: note title "windows keyboard shortcut description" problem: has invalid characters" This comes up every time I start evernote, before I try to attempt any operation, I am also unable to find any note title or content like "windows keyboard shortcut description" in any of the notes, the only result from searches of all notes is for 'windows'. Any sugestions for stopping it?
  8. Thanks for the link, the notes I was trying to import were about 1.5 MB. I have been messing about with it quite a bit and am making some progress, I think it was the renaming business that was throwing me a lot as it looked like the notes I was trying to import were just disappearing, I did manage to find out why it was renaming everything, it does not use an existing note title when it imports but the first line of text in it so will have to sort that as a lot of it isn't very descriptive.
  9. I have just started with Evernote and created a notebook and was importing notes from various locations but I got about 20 separate notes in there of various types, mostly plain text, and it has stopped taking any more. I have also noticed that some plain text files I 'dropped' onto it have been split up and/or renamed in some instances, is there any way to stop it doing stuff like this. It won't work for me if I can't have the titles I want on notes and I can't find any option to rename them, though I wouldn't really want to have to rename everything I try to add to it.
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