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  1. I thought from the last bit of the instructions about cookies, " Keep until: they expire" that all cookies would stay on my PC for as long as the sites that set them wanted. I also find that a lot of sites complain if I block 3rd party cookies so I let firefox accept everything but then delete it all every time it closes.
  2. No, the browser isn't opening unexpectedly but whenever I start it an evernote page opens on a new tab as well as my homepage. The fix, linked to, works but I don't like having the browser set to keep cookies.
  3. Thanks for that 'gazumped', it is working but I think I will get rid of evernote completely as I am not happy with some of the settings changes required to get the fix to work. I don't mind the odd advert appearing in 'free' software or occasional emails but having to continually close their web page is a bit irritating.
  4. Hi, Evernote has started opening a browser tab on Firefox start up, would anyone know how to stop this? I have removed 'web clipper' from Firefox but it is still happening, do I have to abandon evernote completely to stop it?
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