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  1. This bug seemed to be fixed for awhile. But on the more recent builds it is broken again. I have many open Tabs. Chrome will sometimes put to tabs together in the same process. I can see they are in the same process in the Chrome Task Manager. I suspect if you have enough tabs open this happens regardless of how the tab was created. For example the tabs in the same process are not usually in the same window. I happen to be using Version 47.0.2526.16 beta (64-bit) The only reason I am using the beta is that I saw this bug reappear in the release verison so I decided to try the beta. It is in the beta as well This is a highly disruptive bug. Please fix ASAP!!!
  2. This was broken again after a Chrome update a couple days ago. So I moved to the beta again (Version 47.0.2526.16 beta (64-bit)) to see if that fixed it. And it is also broken in the beta. Please! Please! fix this. This is a huge pain.
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