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  1. Update - uninstall/reinstall did not solve anything.   Then I noticed the 'activity log' and by looking at that, it said my local database was corrupted.  So I exited & killed all evernote processes, then deleted the whole evernote folder under C:\Users\myuserid\AppData\Local\Evernote


    When I started evernote again it created a new database and downloaded everything again from their servers.  It now works fine - can create new notes and everything keeps in sync between web & android & windoze.

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  2. Evernote Web and on my android phone both appear to be working ok.  It's just Windoze.   I have only used .01% of this month's upload, I'm still on the free version.  Looks like I'll just uninstall & reinstall on my PC.


    AH - I see that version is the latest version available to download for windoze.   Maybe they have rolled back 5.9.1.x

  3. gazumped - I checked - new notes not saving anywhere. All Notes I do keep sorted by created date (reverse, so newest at top) and it's not there.  Good suggestion though, thanks.  I even tried syncing after typing in the new note and I'm not seeing it on my android device either.

  4. I have the windoze version of Evernote.  Updated to latest -


    All of a sudden yesterday I could not save any new notes.


    Here's screen shot - I've clicked the 'new note' button, and it opens up in the right-hand window.  I start filling in information.  Usually all I have to do is click on another existing note and boom the new one is saved, and the middle column with overviews of notes is immediately updated (Untitled note would change to the new title, and the contents would be there).  I could then click back to that new note and update/edit it at will.


    Now no matter what I do, I can't get it to save what I type in the new note.




    Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!




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