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  1. I’m really frustrated with this, too. When my company does a price letter update for my customers, they send them all in one 700 page PDF file. Is use my phone and iPad when I am on the road and the inability to find a specific customer’s price letter within the large file is killing the usefulness of the information I save in Evernote, at least when I am away from home.
  2. I use Penultimate to take notes in sales calls, training seminars, conference calls, etc. I don't have a problem having it as a separate app from Evernote, but if handwriting was built into EN I'm sure I would go that route instead. What I would really like, is the ability to convert handwritten notes to typed text. Currently, I hand write the note and then have to type it into our company's call report system. If I could convert to text and be able to cut and paste, it would save me an incredible amount of time. I'm a slow typist! A couple of more small items on my wish list would be: The ability to slow down the auto scroll (at least a little!) and more choices in pen styles. (Not that important, but I played around a little with Good Notes and liked being able to use the calligraphy pen for some notes.)
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