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  1. If I forward an email with an attachement from a Hotmail/Outlook account using MS Outlook for Windows PC - usually a PDF - the attachment is not accesible in Evernote. The email is there as a note, but with a winmail.dat file attached, rather than the pdf that I want. This file seems to be the right size, as though the pdfs are in there somewhere. The text comes through, but without images In pace of the images I get all kinds of safelinks.protection.outlook.com mumbo jumbo, even though in Outlook the sender has been accepted as 'safe' and I can see the images. My Android email works as I expect - I get the full email with images and PDF in Evernote when I forward from my hotmail account using Android Mail. Forwarding to Evernote from Hotmail in a browser (ie online) also works as expected. Forwarding using Outlook on the PC from my non-MSFT email account also works fine. The only probelm is when I use Outlook on the PC, with my Hotmail account. Is this some strange set up that MSFT default to? If so I would appreciate any advice because this is very annoying - most of the pdf's I want to keep on Evernote are bills and personal records, that come into my personal hotmail account. A quick Google search suggests this might be becasue I forward the email as Rich Text, but this is not the case, the email to Evernote goes as HTML. Or is the problem at Evernote's end? Thanks for your help.
  2. I agree this is a backward step. Before the new pdf viewer it was easy. Right click the pdf. Copy. Paste into e-mail. I'm old so I prefer this to dragging ;-). I'm also a W10 user, so I simply get a link, not the pdf file, when I drag it into an email. Come on Evernote please. Surely it cant be so hard to put the copy/paste functionality back. It has been there for years and you've removed it! I currently can all my paperwork to Evernote, but I do need to email quite a few. This makes it clunky, so I may as well scan to a folder.
  3. Can we have an update on when PDF clipping is coming? Its almost a year now. It's a pain to open Chrome or Firefox and interrupt my workflow. I default to Edge for other reasons, and this is the only niggle I have. Are you saying that MSFT are still blocking you in working this out? If so is this not an abuse of market power or antitrust issue? The EU have just fined Google over $2.5 billion for abusing their power to favour Google shopping in search rather than competing products (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-40406542). I am happy to email the EU and complain if they are - The EU seem to love a fight with bully-boy technology giants!! If it isn't MSFT, can we have some priority to PDF's please? Screenshots is an easier workaround via the clipboard. Thanks
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