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  1. Yes, exactly. That is how I interact with every other app on my computer, and to not be able to do that with Evernote is just ridiculous.
  2. Hmm, okay, I'll give that a try. So, sort of "hold" the screen with one finger and scroll with the other? Okay, that might work, I'll try it and report back. I did install and try TouchMe today, but it didn't play nice with my Yoga 2 Pro on Windows 10. Looks like the dev is working out the bugs though so I'm sure it'll be fully functional soon and I'll give it another go at that point. Here's hoping that Evernote fixes their Windows app soon and we won't have to resort to work-around's! Cheers, Jenn
  3. Exact same problem as the OP. I've been searching the forums for a solution, or at least a hint as to when a solution might be coming. Would like to see this receive some attention -- in my opinion there are too many Windows touch machines out there to justify ignoring such a widespread problem.
  4. Same problem here, except that I'm running Windows 10 now. Touch still does not work. Very frustrating! I agree that I'd like to know whether the problem is MS or Evernote.
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