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  1. indeed; that worked;) Hehe; thanks
  2. Here's a screenshot You can determine a version from that?
  3. First of all, how do I find the version? Secondly, I checked the note count to be 236, but how does this help me? There are no similar named tag if that's what you were thinking of?
  4. I've always done tag:foobar and seen all my notes with the tag foobar, but now that's not happening. I miss a few notes that I created a few days ago, for example. If I open the notes from "all notes" I see that the tag foobar is there and it's not typed wrong. Anybody else seen this? I'm using the web interface.
  5. You can also use cloudhq.com, which saves all notes as PDF into google drive. I don't like this solution, but it's a way to restore your data by importing into something else, though a hard way. PDFs' are not easily parseable. It's also not a backup, per se, because you cannot restore to Evernote.
  6. On this page: http://mashable.com/2016/12/11/trump-queen-photoshops-terrifying/#.n7pRtTSNmqH No matter how I try to clip the page, either "whole page" or "article", it's not saving the photos. I find myself always having to verify the page in evernote web everytime I save something, because I don't trust this tool to capture the actual page. Is this a known problem?
  7. Ever since I upgraded to Chrome-54 on GNU/Linux, the down arrow doesn't work when I tag entries. Anyone else seeing this?
  8. This is nonsense and they don't develop regular expressions; they're already there and having them would not interfere with anything at all. The only reason they don't have them is because regular expressions require processing power; there's no other reason. And to your other comments, I got loads of data already created since the dawn of history; saying that I should sift through it and tag my stuff properly is also nonsense, because an information storage system should be able to retrieve information if it's there, like my pizza; it's there.
  9. I have a hard time finding stuff in Evernote. Like today, searching for pizza, I didn't find anything, because the actual note was called Pepperonipizza, in one word. Evernote can't even handle partial searching. Things like this, partial searching, regular expressions and boolean expressions; do you think Evernote ever will have this capability? I was so happy when I found evernote, but this is really killing my enthusiasm, cause I cannot possible store all my content here if I can't even find what I put in there. So, the general question is, do you think advanced searching will
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