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  1. Well, there are a mix of feelings here, I can see. Personally I am really fed-up with this latest version. This evening, I opened a note that I started to write yesterday and found that my nice bullet list had developed a huge gap between the bullet and the text --- if I hit the delete button to get rid of spaces, the text all bunches up together and hey-presto ---- I have yet another unusable table instead of a bullet list, where did that come from !!! So, I now have a work-around, I cut from Evernote, paste into MS Word, sort the formatting and then paste it back. Tedious I know, but I am a pedant for layout
  2. I installed v. a couple of days ago ..... since then the tables that I copy n paste into Evernote look far less like the originals than they did before. I have battled with one containing three columns with a maximum text length in each of 20 characters, the copied table in Evernote spreads the table across two widths of the screen! What's going on, did we take a backwards step here???
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