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  1. The case for me right now: Migrated core and most important work to Notion, very awesome project management tool. Planned to take notes via Evernote because it has unique features in this regard, like email notes, scanning docs, and web clipper, plus Notion is not ideal for this task. However, as the performance of the iOS app is very horrible, it represents a barrier to easily jot quick notes. So I decided to use Apple Notes for quick notes, and it’s great. Now it’s sufficient for quick notes and scanning docs, as Apple added this features in iOS 13. There are still a lot of stuff and archives in Evernote that I did not decide on. But most likely I may move all out before their service stops completely. If they continue this way, this will obviously happen.
  2. Bear is the best native experience after Evernote, but it’s simpler. If your Evernote setup/usage is simple, Bear is very good for you. However, it uses tags as the primary organization method, no notebooks.
  3. I agree with you. There are two things: features and UX, and app technology. Notion has powerful features that is not in Evernote. I'm able to manage my stuff using Agile method for the first time just like I do in my software projects. And I can mix projects together in one board, something not possible on famous software project management platforms. It's not structured, yes. But this gives me the full flexibility to achieve that. For the editor, after using it as my primary tool, I found that this editor is the best editor for professional. Simple, powerful, and standard. For app tech, I sticked to Evernote because it's native. After being web-based, they are equal, and thus Notion was worth a shot. Still Evernote has its own uniqueness, but I don't think it's worth paying the money anymore.
  4. I’ve already started migrating to Notion, something I was deferring for more than a year. I relied on Evernote so deeply that I did not want to disrupt my setup and flow. But forcing me to migrate uncovered the power of Notion, and I’m glad for that. While most of my stuff still in Evernote, but the core of my work is in Notion now, and it enabled me to manage my work in a completely different way I never thought about. I’ll still use Evernote for note taking and some archives, but I won’t continue my subscription.
  5. I ran the new version for few minutes and tossed immediately. For me, I just deleted the app in Applications folder, recopied the old version 7.14 (I keep older versions on my machines for some time), then ran it. Everything worked well without any issues and sync is OK.
  6. Once again, please return the older version. You can definitely upload a legacy version. I'm an iOS developer and knows that. This is a completely Web app, not an iOS app. And it's a very poorly built one. Why after 2 years of waiting you come up with this? You needed to be agile. This approach of software development is dead more than a decade ago. I'm very afraid that my desktop version will be ruined this way, but at least I can keep the older version. I will certainly cancel my subscription renewal, and start planning my migration to Notion.
  7. I don’t like this version at all. It’s horrible. The user experience of the previous version was far better. Icons are blinking everywhere, and web content is not editable. This is how Evernote was in 2010. I’ve been looking to Notion and thinking for long time to migrate to it. It’s very powerful and completely free. But unique features of Evernote kept me with it for more than a year. It’s uniqueness makes it hard to leave it. But now, I think the decision became very easier.
  8. This is a fact. Evernote dropped their support for clipper for Safari a long time ago. I observed the huge difference between it and the Chrome’s one more than a year ago. This is why they suddenly woke up, oops we did not upgrade to the new Safari, oops it’s about to be released. This is a total underestimate to a segment of their customers.
  9. Safari 13 has already arrived in updates for Mojave. I can't accept that the only reason not to update to it is that they are behind in their support.
  10. This is just disappointing. You just left us behind. While many of the competition have posted their extensions to the new Safari extension gallery, you did not. I won't mention that you are continuously updating the Chrome extension while not doing the same for Safari, it was OK for me as long as I have what I need from it. But now you want me to wait for weeks to have it work on new updated macOS/Safari. My work requires me to upgrade to macOS Catalina. So you want me now to use another browser that does not respect my privacy, and of which I do not have any bookmarks or history that make Web browsing more quick and effective. Evernote has been very lazy recently to care for its customers, despite we pay much more than the competition requires. If Evernote still have some unique features that let us stick to it, the competition will catch up very soon. And you have to know that I consider very strongly to move from Evernote before my next renewal dues.
  11. You've removed the top right controls in the note editor and put it under the (...) menu. While I can do many of these items using keyboard shortcuts, there still cases when I'm bound to my mouse and want to actions more quickly, like deleting, viewing details, and so on. Having to open a menu first at the top most right is very annoying. Wish to return it again.
  12. Thanks for the help. I think I'll take the later choice. I hope if note "Updated" field is changed with tags changes, it will save much time in such cases by getting latest changed notes.
  13. What if it has been synced? Evernote nowadays syncs everything immediately as it's changed. I just deleted one tag from some notes. If there is a way to know which notes were changed, I can retag them, but changing tags does not affect the Updated column of notes. I'm a Mac user though.
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