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  1. +1 for stack sharing It's been 2 years. We're still waiting? CMON EN!
  2. Just started putting all my stuff into Evernote after buying a 1 month subsc. to Pro to see if I'd like it. Good news: It looks incredible! Basically exactly what I need. Bad news: Not being able to zoom on documents, pictures, spreadsheets, etc is *nearly* a deal-breaker. I could look the other way on new web services/apps, but for a product as well-known and marketed as Evernote, the REAL deal-breaker is their inability to listen to their users - evidenced here by their several-year-long lack of response to customer feedback/input/requests. If OneNote is their competitor and they offer the ability to zoom, looks like I'll be cancelling/requesting a $3 refund and taking my business to them. Best of luck to you all. [P.S. See... this is a real issue, lurking Evernote employee (if you ever read this). You may already have some people locked in and organized on your platform - making switching an enormous chore - but you lose ground when it comes to gaining new customers. Something as intimately involved in your work and day to day activities is something people will test out and research. And when an issue as minute as zooming is something that customers have been complaining about for years to no avail, people walk away.]
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