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  1. Coincidentally I just noticed the tab bar and '+' today but nothing happens when I click the '+' as well. Being able to have notes in tabs would be helpful but I'm not sure how to use it (if that is what it does). Searching the help for 'tab bar' does not return anything about it as far as I can tell. I'm using the Mac client Version 6.10 (454269 App Store) with macOS Sierra Version 10.12.1
  2. Dang, I just got a GM candidate invite and was about to install. Decided to check on my most needed apps and Evernote is important to me so I am going to hang back. Tks for this thread (or else I would have jumped in). Just a follow up that I decided to throw the switch and installed the El Capitan beta GM a couple of days ago. I have not seen any Evernote issues yet.
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