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  1. For some reason several times I have accidentally nested tags when I didn't want to. I googled how to fix this and found some suggestions that said to right-click on the tag and select "move tag to top level". I don't know if that is something that is only on Mac, or if it once existed and has since been removed, but that option does not show up when I right click. I finally found a post that said if I drag the nested tag up and onto the "tags" label, it will remove the nesting. However, that was painful - I have so many tags after using Evernote for several years that it took forever to select a tag that starts with "m" and scroll up through all the tags above it to the Tags label. And once I accidentally let go of the mouse too soon and had to do it all over again. Please please please make it so we can right-click to remove a tag, or even just drag it to the left to remove the nesting. Thank you, Erin
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