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  1. thanks alot for the tips. Although I will not likely be dragging around hard drives or dvd's :-) The laptop and tablet are heavy enough as it is. Plus I feel unsafer with physical backups that can get stolen at anytime. I guess it'll just have to be 1. crazy complex password 2. two-step verification 3. remove my name,details from everything in Evernote so it can't get traced back in case of a doxing data-dump online ps @gazumped, nobody is ever too old for anything! greets from sweet bangkok ;-)
  2. Ok, then how would you advise on my situation: I don't have a home. I'm a digital nomad, I travel around the world with only a backpack and work completely from my laptop and tablet. I stay at places for a couple of months at a time. This means that for me, there is no "local". At any time, my laptop could perish or be grabbed. The cloud is my only safety net.
  3. for me personally, its the other way around... putting stuff on a cloud service is protection for when my laptop gets stolen or is lost in a fire or something. So I look to Evernote/dropbox as the place to store my personal stuff. I couldnt sleep if my personal stuff would just be on a physical drive or a non-internet facing device, which is vulnerable to getting erased or lost forever.
  4. For those who have personal stuff on Evernote, how safe is this against doxing? Or is it not a good practice to put personal stuff on Evernote? Can anyone comment on this?
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