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  1. I figured out a workarond. I shared my Notebook with my second email account. All the notes transferred over to the second account. So while I still cannot see the notes in the first account. I do have them restored in the second account.
  2. I uploaded the latest version and still no luck. I still see my notes (360) greyed out. Ticket number 1228721. I am happy to upgrade to the Premium or Plus service if I can have my notes back.
  3. Evernote is an integral part of my day. I use it for work and personal. And, until recently I was a huge fan. However, nearly two weeks ago, all my notes suddently disappeared. I contacted support, and received a generic reply requesting I submit my Activity log. That was it!! I submitted the log and never heard back from anyone. I email them a couple of times and still NOTHING. Just radio silence. All of my data is gone!!
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