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  1. Thanks, Gaz Halos come and go. From what I've been told.
  2. Allright, you nice people. Ticket# 1228632
  3. Oh, sorry. You already provided me with the link for that. Don't bother. I'll try that.
  4. You're goood! That's what it was. Great! But it seems like I need to be a Plus or Premium customer in order to submit a CS request. Yes? Or did I misunderstand something? Anette
  5. Hi there. Thanks for a quick response! I've waited approx 1 hr. I've tried sending from two different email accounts. My Outlook and my Gmail account. I've sent about 6 emails today. I signed up for EN Plus earlier today. Not exceeding the limits you suggest. I restarted my computer. And I went to the bathroom... Maybe just wait some more? Anette
  6. Hello. I am not receiving email sent from my Gmail account into my EN account. What to do? Yes, I'm using the correct mail address. No, they don't sit in my spam folder. Yes, I installed upgrades. Yes, I have a Plus account. Thanks a lot. Anette
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