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  1. I've not been around here the last few days. Of course in knew the risks. . I'm using El Capitan from Beta 1, installed on top of Yosemite and I've also reinstalled my Mac from the scratch about a month ago. In this moment the only relevant problem that I've is Evernote not working. For now I'm using my iPad as a restraint measure until there is a new version.
  2. First time here. After updating to El Capitan Beta 8, my Evernote freeze immediately after launch. Only option is to Force Quit. Evernote version is the last, Premium account. My MacBook Pro was recently reinstalled from the scratch and my Evernote was working without any problems until Beta 8 of El Capitan. . I know what are the risks of using a beta version of an operating system, but ... Does anyone have more information about this subject?
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