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  1. Help! ... And forgive me if there is a known solution or I am posting in the wrong place ... My first post I have a note with over 460 pages and when I open the app often times it re-launches(sending me back to the first page) versus restore(which returns me back to last page I was editing) .... navigating page by page is horrendous... and I understand the app may re-launch based on other IOS activity, but help us please .... Is there a feature that will allow me to go to the last page in the note or enter the desired page number or A percent(ie 85% from top or bottom ) or Add new pages to the top of the note It's really painful when Penultimate closes and you have to scroll all the way to the last page to resume taking your notes when you have a substantial number of pages in a note! Please Help Craig iPad iOS 8.02 and Penultimate 6.1.1
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