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  1. Evernote user for years. I’ve given this version a few months now, and I don’t make a habit of complaining, but it is still so slow and clunky as to be practically unusable. I mostly work on iPad, so running a legacy version isn’t an option. A few basic new features were nice, other more important ones (like ‘simplify formatting’) were lost. Simple copy/paste images paste three times so that two must be deleted. Inline copied images paste an additional copy at the bottom of the selection. Overall it’s just slow slow slow slow slow. Definitely a backwards move in usability.
  2. I cannot speak to any of the underlying reasons or decisions made regarding this game-changing release. What I can say is: It is now so slow and clunky as to be practically unusable. I use a Premium version for my business and since I’m on iPad 95% of the time, I can’t see a way to be “running the older version.” A few nice minor features were added; other, more important ones were lost (ie: simplify formatting). But the overall usability has suffered: It is slow, slow, slow, slow, slow.
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