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  1. OK, thanks, csihilling. These tips should be in Help.
  2. Hello. I use Web-based Evernote on my Win7 laptop, and iOS Evernote on my iPhone 6. Do I need to manually initiate sync? I'm frustrated because I frequently have conflicted To-Do lists. The help entry on sync describes a "hub" and "spoke" operation--nice. But it doesn't tell me how to have sync work well. Or what makes it not work. Do I need to manually push the sync button? Save a note? Sometimes, I open one or both devices and stare in frustration when my update from the other device is not reflected. I'm about to spend precious minutes unkinking two instances of conflicted lists. Spell it out, Evernote! When and why does sync occur? What am I doing when sync does not occur? If I close the app immediately after an entry, will that prevent sync? I won't get my wife started on Evernote until it works for me. Thanks! It has a lot of good basics. That's why I'm bothering to post.
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