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  1. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm this. I just install the latest available version from the official site ( and it stil freezes...
  2. Hello! I've seen frozen Evernote many times before, but I couldn't understand when it became frozen. But now i'm succeeded. It frozes when I switch my keyboard layout from english to another language by using my keyboard key. Well, I've tried not to use keyboard and change a layout by the Windows language pane. I succeeded. Then I've tries to change it back to english. Everything is fine. Evernote is only freezes when I switch a layout by a keyboard from the En to another language. I use Ctrl+[1,2,3] to change layouts. I've tried canadian french and russian. I'm running Windows 10 64bit 8Gb RAM on i7. I've made several dumps, and they have the same stack and it I see that Evernote is still waiting in WaitForMultipleObjects. I've attached one of them to this message. Unfortunately I don't know how to make a ticket. Regards, Alexey. 20150904_194506_244_Evernote.exe_6A64_ms.dmp.zip
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