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  1. The Notebooks scrollbar (for the leftmost pane) is so narrow that when I want to use it in order to scroll, Evernote is often deciding that I am trying to move the current item that is selected. In my case, this was a tag, but it could have been an entire notebook. Moreover, when I tried to undo the place where Evernote moved the tag, Evernote got confused and I eventually just deleted the tag. There needs to be a way to back out of an unintended Evernote "Move" Command because this command is too powerful and can lead to disaster.
  2. You probably need them both. The match is tricky because I might be inserting in an area where I have a combination of diagrams and text. Sometimes it just doesn't work. When I am just want to paste text, I will switch to Notepad++, open a new window, paste my text, then copy it back to the clipboard. This clears the clipboard of any overlapping formats and makes it easy for Evernote to get it right. With "Paste As Text" Evernote can handle this directly, without my needing to bother with Notepad++.
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