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  1. If it's too difficult to implement Nested Tags for Evernote Business, what about doing Tag Stacks instead? Tag Stacks would be logically consistent with (and analogous to) Notebook Stacks and provide a way compartmentalize a large number of tags into user-defined collapsible/expandable categories of tags.
  2. Thanks for the windows 6.0 update and congrats on the release! I use Evernote business and most everything I've tried works great. I've noticed one problem though. I want to be able to click on a business tag (Using the 'assign selected tags to new notes' feature) and then click on 'new note' to create a new business note. However, when I do that, 'new note' creates a personal note, not a business note. The result is a personal note (in my default personal notebook) that contains business tags - a confusing hybrid. 'New note' does create business notes if I've selected a notebook in the left panel and then ctrl-click a tag, but not when I've selected a tag and try to rely on the default business notebook. I'm hoping Evernote can add this to their list of fixes.
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