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  1. As Microsoft have recently released a Mac importer for OneNote I went down that route. Dumps everything in multiple tabs so a bit of work to sort out but the import process went smoothly. I have been using ON for 4 months now and I think I'm done with Evernote. It went from great to bloat and then "We couldn't give a $hit" so, bye-bye...
  2. @jbignert Pretty sure the pop ups are all mentioned in the posts above but I'll add another one if is not there: "Sign In with the Web Clipper to see related results" I don't want to see related results (sorry but that does not add value for me) and certainly on Safari, Dismiss Forever does not function. In other words, the same pop up comes back either after a reboot or a restart of safari. As far as ignoring goes, you asked for more details from AndyL on July 17 to which he responded but you never followed up with him as far as I can see. I may be wrong. Hence my ignoring comment.
  3. So this issue has just been ignored by Evernote? Anyone see how to stop this thing popping up frequently apart from uninstalling it?
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