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  1. When a note is created without a title, it will be generated automatically using the first line of the note content. Any time you modify this content, the title is synchronised accordingly. However if you do provide a specific title; this one will prevail whatever you do with the content. This works fine, as in the previous version, and it is very handy. However, there is a slight change of behaviour that is disturbing. In the previous version, when you had provided for a specific title, you could, at any time, get rid of it by clearing the entry field, and then the title would be generated again using the first line of the note content, as if the note was created from scratch. This doesn't work anymore : either you have to copy the first line by yourself or you have to create a new note entirely again to get the automatic link between the note content and the tile. I don't see why the previous behaviour has been abondonned. I don't understand either why this automatic generation of tile is not available as well in the android's client. Regards.
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