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  1. Thank you for the update, please make the sidebar resizeable again too!! I beg you
  2. Answered in another thread somewhere, but... when you finish (or Evernote think you have finished) editing a note, the record will be updated within a few seconds if an online connection is available. Don't know why the window size is fixed, but the minimum widths were presumably chosen to show some detail at minimum sizes - which seems to be around 900px. Icons-only and linespacing are feature requests - Win10 development seems to be ongoing. Thank you for answering! The auto sync doesn't work for me. Notes only get updated when the scheduled sync happens. Does anyone notice any difference in note synchronization with the previous version? Regarding window fixed size, I get your point although I think Evernote should let its users decide how much detail they are happy with. The sidebar should also be made resizable again
  3. For stylistic purposes it would be nice if Evernote took care of replacing the dumb straight quotation marks ( " " ) with the smart curly ones ( “ ” .) Doing it manually on Windows requires 5 keystrokes for each quotation mark and it's not only annoying but also a little flow-killer when you're writing. Thank You in advance !
  4. What does "Changes to notes are synced to Evernote immediately" exactly mean? Is this supposed to be real-time sync becuase it isn't working for me. I agree with those complaining about the inflexibility regarding windows size of the new client. Also the sidebar isn't resizable anymore. Why is that?? It would be nice to have an icons-only feature for the sidebar like some windows 10 apps have. Linespacing option is a must and I'll also love the ability to change the default font color for notes.
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