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  1. OK, Thanks for your suggestions, gazumped, i think tagging is the way to go for me... And thanks also for the Filterize tipp, i did not know that one...
  2. Hi, i wonder if it it possible to a) Search for notes that do (or don't) have a Note Link to another Note and b) Search for Notes that do (or don't) have another Note referring to them via Note Link My idea is to build Index Notes with Note Links for every Notebook. It would be nice if i could search for unlinked notes without manually assigning a "linked" tag... Anyone ever tried this? Regards, N.
  3. Hey, @DTLow and thanks very much for your quick reply!... Didn't realise you were part of "the system", but good to know.... I appreciate EN in general, else i wouldn't still be a subscriber... But the fact that we still can't rearrange notes is just OUTRAGEOUS! I feel that my life could be perfect right now if i could just rearrange notes manually. Yes, its such a big deal (to some of us). And i have yet to meet someone who needs tabs in EN on a regular basis or this nice pop-ups that ask me to pay for some business subscription or join some #challenge... This request has been posted in JAN 2013. This was 6 Years ago. And we haven't heard from an EN employee since.... PS: is there a particular reason, you made your last reply a link or was it a mistake?
  4. @Manolson Hi, Happy new year 2019, thanks for your post and welcome to the Forums! Its a right-out shame that this is STILL not implemented!! There have been about 200 updates since, most of them regarding ***** no one needs... @everyone : lets make some noise on this thread again... this is basic and necessary! DONT FORGET TO UP-VOTE THE REQUEST!...
  5. @BobMcC but in the meanwhile, have a look at @DTLow s suggestion, it is a good "workaround" (just not for reminders)
  6. @BobMcC Haha, thanks, you encouraged me, i will post it very soon and let you know here and in any other keyboard shortcut-related thread, so you guys can vote it up
  7. Hey @BobMcC, i'm feeling you... i am a video editor and have been using AMC (Avid Media Composer) for quite a while. For me, the thing that distinguished AMC from other editing apps for many years was its "keyboard GUI" feature. Recently Adobe Premiere Pro added the same feature, even better imo, it looks like this: https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/using/default-keyboard-shortcuts-cc.html . I think this feature should be standard in ANY major app... Evernote would get SO much better, if it had it.... I think this could be worth an own thread, what do you think?
  8. @Bushgang Don't get me wrong, i LOVE EN as well and i can't imagine my life without it anymore. (otherwise i would not even bother to participate in the forums) Been using it for over two years and my life has definitely become more organised. I am using the internal note link feature to create a kind of handbook-wiki for my company. LOVE IT!! But my dependence on the service makes the few problems it obviously has even more annoying and some "improvements" they make - especially to the Mac-App - i just can't comprehend. Like moving the font size shortcuts from cmd+/cmd- to cmd</cmd/>. They should let US decide on our own shortcuts! haven't updated the app since they changed that. Or this bug, thats around for years now: Or the lack of this feature: Please vote those threads up if you feel the same! Thanks
  9. @Bushgang Great, yet another reason i don't want to update EN for Mac. Thanks for the heads up... Seams like the app gets worse with every update... @DTLow I was referring to @jtpicards idea to batch tag and set/change reminder date and time
  10. @jtpicard agree with you 100%... also all this features should be available on the ios app... without third party apps....
  11. @csihilling, @DTLow, @Analyst444, (Ha, it worked, me as an old copy-paster did overlook that functionality ) Just wanted to tell you that I love this Community, it's really helpful and friendly compared to other software-specific Coms out there... Of course I know GTD, its what got me to start using EN in the first place. The problem is that i currently have 200 projects rather than 200 tasks in one Project. But i guess the concept can be applied to that as well... With your knowledge and support, i am confident that i'll be back on the wagon in no time. Thanks to all of you, i hope you are allright, Ney
  12. Thanks again @Analyst444, i AM probably causing myself more stress than is needed, as i said, as long as it was a manageable amount of important tasks, it went pretty smoothly... I realise that we are going a little bit off topic in this thread, but i would have one more question: you mentioned you are working with Important vs urgent... on which criteria do you decide, what is urgent and what not? An example: above @csihilling mentioned The Secret Weapon. I clicked on the link, decided it was interesting, but was at work at the time and had no time to really dig into it, so i clipped it to my Inbox. now i am processing it and i don't know if it is urgent or not. My instinct says, that everything that, if not done by a specific due date, produces some kind of consequences is urgent. But if the technique could improve my workflow and help me eliminate my overdues, the consequence is more stress, which is the main thing i want to eliminate. My fear is that, as soon as i implement your method, i want to label everything ImportantAndUrgent, the same way i now tag (nearly) everything ASAP and schedule it for tomorrow or next week in order to not forget about it...any ideas? Ps: how do you guys mention another user in a post? when i write @Analyst444, it does not get that fancy EN-green highlight...BTW: thanks to you too @csihilling for your link and support
  13. @Analyst444 re(1) You are probably right. I am just looking for a way to get a hold of my Tasks again, without forgetting important ones in the Process. Normally I am working with reminders: I have two Priority tags: asap and wzi (Wenn Zeit ist; its german for when i got time) every asap got to have a due date. This is a good solution for when you got your life under control, but currently i find myself rescheduling everyday, today my "overdue" savedSearch has 349 items. So i was searching for a better Solution...see re(3) re(2) thanks for the suggestion, i never thought of that approach. re(3) Yeah, i saw this method mentioned before, probably in one of your posts. I think its the most efficient way for me and i am going to implement that. @jefito you are right too, thanks for confirming that my approach has no future. Honestly, i never thought that i would ever have that many ASAPs to do. As long as it was 20-30 ASAPs, my approach was running pretty smoothly. But now that i have to "jump back on the waggon" as David Allen would put it, i think i have to rethink my methods. Thank both you guys for taking the time and trying to help me.
  14. @Analyst444 Thanks for the suggestion, but what if i want to sort 500 ToDos by importance, 100 of them have high importance, but i still would like to do the most important first...? i would have to use tags Imp00001, Imp00002, Imp00003 etc... and if another note becomes the most important i have to change 00001 to 00002 and so on my suggestion was a follow up on the manual sort thing only because i feel that even one manual sorting criterium wouldn't be enough for me, i would need at least two, but an unlimited number would be great... But thanks again for your quick answer :)
  15. I would really love to see a feature where i can manually sort notes by "importance" and seperately by "urgency". The user could send a note to the top of one of the lists by the press of one button. That would be awesome
  16. Hey Artur, Thanks for the Tipp with rotating the image, works for me... I would like to add that this issue is depending, on how the App is scaled on the Screen. When i put EN for Mac in fullscreen mode the image looks normal and when i scale the app down, the image stretches with it, instead of scaling consistently...(only with images from the ios app though)
  17. +1 from me and... in the reminder menu (When i click the icon) a "today" button in addition to "tomorrow" and "in a week" would be nice. Dunno about you guys, but i would use this button quite often...
  18. +1 plus here is an action i would love to see: get note count - returns the number of notes with a specified tag (or in a specific notebook, or maybe even a specified Saved Search)(to automate statistics about how many ToDos i have and how many of them are ASAPs etc...)
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