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  1. Thanks!! I downloaded the update, and true, it does allow resizing; but the font does not resize with it. The window just cuts off the visible areas. Like so:
  2. Since today's update, I can no longer split my screen 50:50 between Evernote and other programs; or rather, Evernote's window width locks at 900 pixels, and refuses to go any smaller. This makes note-taking very difficult, as I usually have 2/3 of my screen for lecture slides, and 1/3 for Evernote - but now it is the other way around. I can barely read my lecture slides, and if I try moving the Evernote window, it hides the view of long sentences. Please fix this for all us multi-taskers who use multiple windows in one screen. My screen is 15", and I'm sure those with smaller screens would struggle even more.
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