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  1. Lets go last to first I'm using windows from your order list hold the ALT key down and left click with mouse over the each snippet,card or list (which ever way it is viewing) that you want then right click "copy note Links" then paste into your new table of contents you can reorder your notes as follows see attached image
  2. What these guys are telling you is right, but if your new to Evernote, I would keep critical PDFs until your pretty sure you understand how to back-up your files locally and how to restore a corrupted local data base from the Evernote servers if you have to. In other words. I would keep your PDFs in a file on your computer or in a backup somewhere until you are pretty sure you understand to do in a data crash crisis -- better safe than sorry? Especially critical PDFs. I am 3 years in to Evernote heavy use with 7,000 + notes and although its been extremely rare, there has been a case or two that Evernote is locked up, or I I can't run it or its just laggy as hell and I'm glad I had the PFD locally. BTW gazumped and csihilling know a lot more than I do -- they also know how to work a data crash and have a very accurate assessment of their risk -- knowing Evernote backwards and forwards -- you don't
  3. Title sort of explains it. I tried to log into another user. My data base is not located in the default location but here instead : E:\Evernote The attached was the error message I got. I tried logging out of my current user and it wouldn't let me do that either. I finally forced closed Evernote (crashed it) and then restarted. It seemed to work ok. I can move between accounts ok. Log in and out
  4. Tile sort of covers it: The Note hyper Link from an Opened-Note-in-New-Window (that has been popped out to its own window) actually changes the Note Panel Main Screen not the Opened-Note-in-New-Window that you are actually clicking from. Running (27665) public - Windows 7
  5. Enjoying the improved formatting but I am having problems with existing tables (created before this new update) that I want to edit text inside If I am editing a paragraph inside a cell in the table and hit carage return it breaks the table apart. Likewise if I hit delete, see attached pictures Below is the after picture and then the before picture
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